Statement of Intent

Purpose of Study

Our school curriculum and ethos promotes healthy relationships and prepares all pupils for the opportunities and responsibilities within their lives. Our children will develop a strong understanding of:

  • Family units and healthy relationships
  • How to stay safe at home, in the community and online
  • The developing changes of their bodies
  • How to be healthy and take care of their mental wellbeing
  • Their role as a citizen within the community and the responsibility it brings
  • The economics and how aspirations will enable them to have a healthy economic wellbeing

Through these curriculum areas, we will provide accurate and age appropriate information, including all children, help children to make informed choices, develop knowledge skills and attitudes, build confidence and self-esteem, prepare children for the next stage of education and adulthood and develop positive inclusive attitudes to everyone, particularly to those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

At the beginning of Autumn term, rules will be created and discussed with the children, creating a safe environment for learning and opportunities for open discussions on sensitive subjects. Class teachers will remind children of the rules as they see fit. Where particular lessons have sensitive subjects, the children must be reminded of the rules at the beginning of the lesson. Class teachers will:-

  • Establish routines and an environment where children feel safe
  • Deliver any video resources
  • Set associated tasks
  • Share story books associated with the topic
  • Record children’s opinions, understanding and responses in books
  • Build positive working relationships between pupils and staff, all member of our school family are valued as individuals
  • Reinforce the use of good manners, self discipline and appropriate behaviour
  • Strictly adhere to safeguarding policy
  • Deal sensitively with unexpected questions and comments
  • Use clear language to avoid misconceptions

Parental Involvement

Right to Withdraw from sex education. Parents are informed of topics with key vocabulary on the half termly newsletter. Working with parents is a vital part of the whole school approach to RSHE. Resources are readily available to parents upon request. A parent or carer cannot legally withdraw their child from any aspect of the statutory relationships education or health education. A parent or carer does have the right to withdraw their child from sex education unless what is being taught is part of the science national curriculum. Following a consultation with the whole school community, the following content is deemed to be sex education:

  • Year 6: Safety and the changing body, Lesson 5: Conception
  • Year 6: Safety and the changing body, Lesson 6: Pregnancy and birth


Each academic year, Year 6 parents will be given the option of having these units delivered to their children, they will not automatically form part of our curriculum. Prior to delivery of these lessons, parents will be notified and given the opportunity to review these resources. Parents will then be asked to fill out a form to give permission for their child to take part in these lessons. In order for us to effectively manage these sessions, they will only be delivered if the majority of parents in the class give permission. These lessons will only be delivered to children whose parents have given permission, children without permission will be taught as a separate group for these lessons.

Appendix 1:

Kapow RSE and PHSE Curriculum Long Term Plan


Appendix 2:

Kapow RSE and PHSE Curriculum Progression

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